1. Take this link



2. Replace ASIN##here with your product’s 10-character ASIN number.

You can find your ASIN number in the Product Information section of your detail page (or, alternatively, in the backend of Amazon). 

You can also find the ASIN in the address bar, as shown in the red box. 

So after adding the new ASIN, the link would be http://www.amazon.com/dp/122310477X/?tag=AMZAssociatesIDHere-20


3. Replace AMZAssociatesIDHere-20 with your Amazon Associates Store ID.

This can be found in the top right corner of the Amazon Associates home page, once you log in.

So after adding the Associates Store ID, the final affiliate link is http://www.amazon.com/dp/122310477X/?tag=tpru22-20


4. Check the link on Amazon’s link checker

You want to make sure your link is set up properly so that Amazon will credit any clicks and sales that come from your link.

Go here https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/home/tools/linkchecker  and insert your link into the search bar. Then click Check Link. Make sure it is a “Success.”


5. Double-check that your link brings up your product

Paste the link into your web browser and hit enter to make sure your product detail page shows up.


6. Create your LandingCube campaign with your affiliate link

When creating a new campaign in LandingCube, paste your affiliate link into the Redirect URL feature, which is in the Integrations tab. 

Integrations tab: 

Redirect URL:  

Please note:

Do not put your affiliate url into the “Product URL” field, as it will not work this way. This field is intended only for LandingCube to gather your product info. It is not the destination URL your viewers will reach. We will parse this URL so it contains only the relevant info. Use the Super URL if you wish to guide your customers to special URL.

7. Then click ‘Save & Continue’, and you’ll be all set to use your affiliate link to drive traffic through LandingCube.


For a longer article on building your own Amazon affiliate links, go here.

And remember to follow Amazon Associates policies on using affiliate links.

  1. You can’t shorten your links to keep customers from knowing it is an affiliate link.
  2. You can’t include affiliate links in PDFs, emails or promotional materials.
  3. And you can’t buy products from your own affiliate links.

Play by the rules, so you can keep playing. Hustle hard. Earn a living. And build a life of freedom!

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